Hollow Beat

Hollow Beat is a surreal action-adventure game that stars Kae, a young woman who struggles with clinical depression. The game opens with an emotional breakup between Kae and her now ex-girlfriend Nisha, and things only get worse from there. Throughout her journey, Kae phases between three unique parallel universes, each one representative of a different mental state. As Kae makes her way through the city of Wake Village, she will make new friends, encounter her inner demons, and learn new ways to cope with her condition.

This is the first game from Cult Quiet, a game design collective made up of students and alumni from Northeastern University, Emerson College, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, and Wentworth Institute of Technology. As the graphics programmer for Hollow Beat, I implemented a custom lighting engine and shader pipeline using normal and height maps, in addition to a variety of other programming duties.